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Monday, December 3, 2012

Project 13

Project 13
Google Documents

The group Smart board presentation is based on an objective found in the Mobile Pacing Guide.  There was some discussion about the subject we would cover.  We decided on letter recognition with concentration on upper and lower case letters.  We thought about a lesson that would keep the children involved and interacting with the Smart board.  The group found ways to write with the pens and show videos to make the lesson fun.  The tool we used in communicating on our Smart board presentation for the group was Google documents.  My group, The Accomplishers, communicated also through texting to decide on a subject for the presentation.  We expressed our ideas and shared them back and forth in the document.  The use of this tool kept us in touch and asking questions to create this presentation on letter recognition.

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Project 16

Project 16

The Accomplishers made an IBook for our final collaborative project.  My group members were Kayla Johnson and Giorgio Lymon.  We created a book that shows our individual projects including the book trailer, my sentence video, and a technology tools video.  We needed either 10 pictures of Mobile, 10 pictures of USA campus, or 10 pictures of vacation or family.  Twitter was the technology tool that was discussed in the book.  The IBook was a hard and detailed project, but I thought it looked great.  It was a big learning experience for me.  I hope everyone enjoys it!  For further details, watch on EDM 310 Class Blog.

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Thursday, November 29, 2012

November C4K

Summary of C4K

Welcome to Alberta

In this blog Tieren shows a glogster type blog about Alberta.  It shows all the major facts about Alberta.  Hunting, Forestry, Oil, Foothills region, rolling hills, all of these are represented with pictures or videos.
I thought it was very informative about the area.

Kim M.

Kim talks about what she did Halloween night.  She went trick or treating with her brother.  Her brother had taken more than one piece of candy at one house.  The sign said to only take one piece, then someone stepped out and said hello too them.  It scared her brother.

The Storming of Bastille......With Lightsabers

The student had written about The Storming of Bastille and used light sabers as a writing prompt.  He used the lightsabers as a way of defending, instead of a sword.  It was a good synopsis on the story and the adding lightsabers made it interesting and students are able to relate to that time.


C4T Summary for November

Summary for Teacher Posts

iPads and iPods in physical education practical workflow with Edmodo

The use of Edmodo has been shown as a essential tool in the classroom, whether it be in physical education of in a standard classroom.  The webpage would load like a college online course.  This keeps track of the child's tests and homework for physical education.  Another app used is Workflow for i pod touch.  Trying to use the Apps to organize physical education is a great idea.  This is the comment that I had left:  I am a student from the University of South Alabama. The idea of using Edmodo in physical education is interesting. The ability for a team or an individual to go back and see themselves on video is great. This app, Coach’s eye could be a help for coaches or teachers. Online portfolios are an important way to see progress, or improvement for a team, coach or individual.

Cricket Scoring on iPad

The comment made:  I am all for anything that will help students succeed, whether on the field, or in the classroom. Everyday there is a new App to help in improving something. I like how physical education has brought technology into the class.   In any game it is hard to keep accurate stats for every child.  This application lets the person keep the scoring and stats on each child.  Then upload the games highlights on a webpage or blog for each player, or coach to see.  It becomes an updated system for any game in stats and scoring.

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Project 15 Instructional Group Smart board

Instructional Group Smart board
Project 15

Last Update on PLN

Personal Learning Network
Tina Behel

My Personal Learning Network has personally grown over the last few months.  I have my PLN on Symbaloo.  I have many more tiles to fill in but, those tiles need to be available for future references. Twitter is a better use of building a Personal Learning Network.  I have built a great deal of people, or organizations that I am following on my Twitter account.  Twitter is really a better start for sources of educational tools.  Now I am following 179 different organizations, or people.  I feel like I could find someone to answer any question I have about technology in the classroom, or ask for advice.  I have Symbaloo as a source for connections but, Twitter too me is the better at building a Personal Learning Environment.

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